Ms. Poirier's Class

Norman E. Day School

Reading Class 9/25


Get your headphones/earbuds and go to Storyline Online.

  1. Choose a book.  Listen to the whole book.
  2. Make a GREAT connection to the feelings or emotions of the character, an event that happens. Record on your record sheet.
  3. Choose another book and repeat the process.

When you are finished, you may work on Typing Club.

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The CUBES Strategy


Today in math class we solved story problems using the CUBES strategy. On your homework tonight, you have to use the CUBES strategy yourself.  I will be looking for the circles, underlines, and boxes! To help you remember, here are the Math Action Words Sheet and the  CUBES poster.

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Online Account Information


This year, students will be using a great deal of technology in the classroom and with their homework assignments.  A “Password Key” was added to each student’s binder this afternoon.  This key with have the website, username, and password associated with just a few of the sites we will be using this year.  The links for every site we use will be to the right in the Important Links list.

Usernames are mostly the year-of-graduation (2027!), a first initial, and a last name.  Passwords are initials and student IDs or just the student IDs.  The students will know this number as they use it as their lunch code. An example “password key” can be found below, using the name Jane Smith with a student ID of 01234.

My Password Key Example

This week begins both math and reading log work and students are highly encouraged to use the online sites.  If a problem occurs during sign in, etc., please email me:

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As always, each student is required to keep a reading log of their weekly reading.  It is the expectation that all 4th graders are reading 15 minutes per night, at least 5 nights per week.  Each Friday a reading log reporting everything you read in the week before will de due.  You may complete your reading log on paper (printable copy here) available in class OR you may choose to log into Bookopolis to complete your online reading log.

To log into Bookopolis, click here or the link under the “Important Links” column, to the right.

Click Log in.  The username is the same as the beginning of your Google sign in (27 followed by first initial and last name: 27jsmith).  Your password is your initials followed by your lunch sign in: js8674  This sign in information will also be kept in your binder. Click on Reading Log at the top then choose the green bar that says, “Add an Entry.”  Enter your title, the date, and minutes read.  You do not have to leave comments, but may if you’d like.  You must have a minimum of 75 minutes each week…and it shouldn’t be completed all at once!



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Curriculum Night!


Here we are in our first full week of school and we are getting down to the business of school.  We have spent a lot of time over the last 9 days getting to know each other and building, what I hope to be, a tight knit community in 118.  This week and for the remainder of the month, we really do a lot of work securing routines, defining expectations, and rolling out each of our academic subjects. It is a lot for the students to process; there is so much new information.  Your son or daughter may be coming home mentally exhausted; I know I am!

As you also may know, the student’s started receiving homework yesterday. No doubt they were thrilled about this! We are beginning with math homework only and as I see how our daily math class progresses, I am adjusting homework as needed. Tonight for instance, various versions of the same concept went home to address students at their level (or perhaps even easier.). I am finding that some serious review is in order for a brunt of the class to be ready for the 4th grade concepts.  In addition to the daily sheet, the students are expected to complete a multiplication facts log.  This can be done on paper (they get it in class) or online.  Online is highly recommended and directions can be found here.  I do expect the students to begin their reading logs on Friday and studying for spelling tests next week.

Mr. Sardella’s weekly updates have included an invitation to our Curriculum Night this coming Thursday evening, 9/13.  Mr. Sardella and our new Assistant Principal, Mrs. Shediac will meet with the parents at 5:45. At 6:15, I will have a short presentation for all of you to go over some fourth grade stuff.  I will also answer any general questions you may have.  Please note, parking for this evening is notoriously difficult; you may want to allow yourself a bit of extra time.  Also, our class is the absolute farthest from the main entrance; in fact, if you find yourself parking passed the gym and near the playground construction (or further) I will leave the exterior door to our classroom open for you sneak in! I am looking forward to putting faces to the stories I have already heard about all of you!  See you Thursday!

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StoryLine Online


Storyline Online

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Day 1 of the 2018-2019 school year is in the books and it was one of the hottest ones I’ve ever seen.  We did OK through the morning, but once the sun hit our side of the building, it was absolutely sweltering!  Your kids were troopers!

It was a whirlwind, but we made it through.  I am sure your student is coming home tired and sick of hearing me talk!  We introduced a ton of procedures and routines and were able to get to know each other a bit.  From where I was standing it looked like everyone was having a great day!  If you hear differently from your son or daughter, please email me; I am always looking but I don’t see everything.  We have a great bunch of kids who LOVE to talk! 😉

Tonight, there is no homework (none until next week), though they will be coming with plenty that needs to be addressed.  Here is a quick run down of the “to do” list being sent home for parents:

  1.  If you have not already done so, please fill out the information request for me here.
  2. An email came directly from the school for all the beginning of the year paperwork.  Fill it out here.
  3. Read through (and bookmark) our classroom blog.  This is where you can find the information needed for classroom particulars.
  4. There are a few forms coming home in binders today that include free/reduce lunch info, music program info, and a purple “clinic card.” The clinic card must come back filed out on both sides!

Our specialist schedule is as follows:

  • Monday – Library
  • Tuesday – Enrichment*
  • Wednesday – Phys. Ed.
  • Thursday – Music
  • Friday – Art AND Band/Strings

It looks like the superintendent has determined that tomorrow should be an early release day.  Your children may still want to bring in small handheld fans/spray fans and they are more than welcome to do so.

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We Are Gearing Up!


The clock is winding down on summer and we are gearing up for the new school year! I have been setting up the class and starting to plan out our first few weeks together.  While I am going to enjoy every moment left of summer, I am really looking forward to the new school year.  New things and great changes are happening around the Day School to strengthen the school community and kick off the new year.  Our classroom is brand new to me this year so we will be getting to know it altogether.  The computer lab has been transformed into “maker space,” where we can record audio and video projects; it even has a green screen!  And the biggest change will be happening during our first few weeks together…Beginning just before school starts, the new, massive playground is set to go in! We will be able to watch the progress everyday and will be part of the huge opening celebration! But truly, our “home away from home,” is shaping up!

I have purchased and collected nearly everything we will need to get us through the school year.  There isn’t anything you need to buy!  My one suggestion would be to grab a pair of ear buds or headphones.  We will be using the audio station in reading and most kids find it preferable to have their own set.  I do have classroom headsets available for use but many find it more sanitary to have their own.  This is entirely up to you.  You will not need these during the first few days of school.

During the first few days, I cannot wait to hear about your summers! As always, I spent a whole lot of time at our family’s lake home in Barrington, NH.  We went kayaking, cruised on the pontoon boat, and even completed a mile and a half swim! It was awesome (and tiring!) I went to the beach, visited Canobie, and got to see my friends a whole lot! My favorite thing, though, was all of the unscheduled, relaxed time I got to spend with my children. Just before school starts, I am headed to San Diego for a quick vacation; I am going to bring in a few pictures to share and I hope you will do the same.  Please bring in at least one picture of you doing something, with someone, or at a place you’d like to share with your class.  We will all have time to share during the first few days of school.

Finally, please let your mom or dad know to fill out the parent contact form.  A few completed this in June and do not need to resubmit.  Getting this done here means less paperwork in September!

If you are still reading, I am impressed!  Leave a comment to say hello and tell me what you have been up to this summer.  I will check back often and reply to each one!  Have a wonderful few weeks!  Enjoy the weather, make memories, and rest up!  I can’t wait to meet a few of you and see the rest of you again.  We are going to have an awesome year!

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