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The Playground!


The Race for Education – The revamped Race for Education will be held next Friday, November 9! We will participate in a mini field day to “earn” the donations we have received.  I know the PTO will be looking for a few volunteers for the 4th grade session, which will be from 1:40-2:25. (This is a recent schedule change!)  If you want to help out, please sign up here.  If you would like to still donate or if you’d like to share the link, here is the site for continued donations: Donate to the Race for Ed.

Scholastic – November book order forms are going home tomorrow.  Our class code is H4FBQ.  Book orders should be in (online or handed in to me) by Friday, 11/9 at 3:00.

Conferences – Conference forms went home today. Please send the form back as soon as you can. Once I get all forms back, I will let you know conference times as soon as possible.  If you have another child at Day or even at Miller, please write it in the form.  I will do my best to coordinate with the other teacher(s) to make sure your conference times do not overlap.  Additionally, if you’d like a conference earlier than 8:15, I can begin as early as 7:30.  Please leave a note on the form if you are interested in this earlier time.

The Playground – Almost 1 1/2 years in the making, the Day School playground opened today!  After a ribbon-cutting ceremony where we heard from town and state officials, each class was to be given dedicated “preview” time to themselves.  True to the trend of the last 2 months, the weather nearly rained us out.  But we had waited so long that our class (and Mrs. Jussaume’s) were at least able to squeeze in our “preview” time.  It was not exactly a dry few minutes, but as you can see from the pictures, the students voted it “well worth the damp!”  Now, let’s hope that we can get a few dry days in before the winter sets in!

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Halloween Party!


A very special thank you to Mrs. Czado for coming in with a whole bunch of games and Halloween crafts!  The kids had a ball and I was able to enjoy having fun with them!

If you think of it tonight, please email me a picture of your son or daughter in their costume, if they have one.  I’d love to share pictures with the class in the morning.

Also, in the hustle of the afternoon, I forgot to remind the kids to dress for the weather tomorrow!  We will be outside for a small chunk of time for the playground opening ceremony.

Here are some pictures from today!

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Math Assessment Scores


Let me begin by saying this is all really dry information and not necessary for you to know in order for your student to be successful in 4th grade.  That said, I’ve had some questions about how the math assessment cover sheet works and how it relates to the report card.  So, here is my attempt at answering some of the basic questions; riveting, it is not! 😉

First, in 4th grade our report card breaks math into 21 different benchmarks.  These 21 Report Card benchmarks are based on the 36 Common Core Standards in math (federal/state level standards that dictate what we teach).

Here is a key for the assessment cover sheet:

1 – At the top of the Assessment cover sheet are the 6 Report Card categories assessed on the Unit 1 exam.

2 – Underneath that is a set of letters and numbers (OA 1,2,3 and NBT 1,2,3, etc) that refers to the correlated Common Core Standard.

3 – On the Unit 1 exam, question 1 was in 4 parts and was worth 4 points.

4 – Question 10 was worth 3 points and in this example, the student scored 2 of 3. It is important to note that this does not translate to a 66%. Three points is hardly enough to determine mastery or not; Students are given many opportunities in a trimester to earn more points in each category.

5 – Here is where the real minutiae begins…Sometimes, like in problems 6 and 7, the question covers more than one report card category.  Since the students had to estimate (falls under the CC standard for knowledge of place value) and add or subtract (falls under the CC standard for addition and subtraction), we have to “farm out the points” to different report card benchmarks.  On Unit 1, #6 was a 2 part question with a point in each part for estimation and a point for the actual answer, making #6 worth 4 points.  How’s that for math?!

Additionally, it may be helpful to know that written responses, where a student has to “explain,” are typically worth 2 points.  To earn the full 2, there must be math vocabulary used and a truly clear explanation; this is tough for the students right now, but we are working on it.

Finally, teachers keep math grades for all 21 report card categories (just in math!). These fractions will be recorded as fractions (not percents).  A tally of all the points earned/points available, over a trimester, is one way we look to determine if a student “meets the standard.”  It is important to note that unit assessments are not the only scores recorded or that “count.” Work in the journal and class work will also be an important factor.

This is also why a total percentage on these exams is not used.  A total percentage wouldn’t show mastery–or not–of certain report card categories or CC standards.

Grade 4 Report Card

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October II Update


Hi Everyone, Just a few quick bits of information and reminders to help get you through:

Halloween Party – Our class Halloween party will be held during the day on October 31.  Thank you to all of you who sent in $10; a portion of that money will be used to fund our craft/activity for the Halloween party (The rest is earmarked for the holiday and Valentine’s parties.) During the party, the kids will be making a craft and participating in “minute-to-win-it” type games.

Food – At our class Halloween party, students are invited to bring in a special treat for themselves.  We can’t share treats due to food allergies and school policy, but each student can enjoy their own special treat during the party.

As for costumes…new this year, students will be allowed to wear their costume to the party!  Wearing costumes is entirely optional! There are a few guidelines, though:

  • Masks and any weapons must be left at home.
  • Costumes can be put on over clothes before the party and taken off after.  Mr. Sardella has asked that students not wear them all day.
  • Students will not be permitted to go change in the bathroom so it does need to be something manageable to take on/off over clothes.


Living Lab – We had our first visit to Living Lab on Monday! The students built a pinhole camera to model the function of the eye and learned about different types of volcanoes and eruptions.  They were then able to model a “gentle” and a “violent” eruption.  It was a ton of fun and there was a whole lot of squealing! Some pictures are below.

Miller/Day Halloween Dance Party – The annual event is to be held this Saturday, Oct. 27 at Stony Brook Middle School from 6:00-7:30 PM.  Tickets can be purchased now, here at school. The flier is below and contains more specific information. Volunteers still needed!


PTO Website – Speaking of the PTO, we need members! Please bookmark the PTO site for access to upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. Come to the monthly meeting to learn about all the wonderful things PTO does and would like to do!

Math Test – The unit 1 math test was sent home this week for signature.  Please have your son or daughter bring this back in as soon as you can.  If you have any questions, please email me.  I would be happy to explain any of the scoring.

Homework – Lately, I have noticed that many students are coming in with math homework that is all correct but has a large amount of erasing.  Additionally, I am finding that many of these really great homeworks are coming in with students who cannot replicate the same work in class.  If your son or daughter is truly struggling, please let me know.  It is so much easier to address an problem if I can see the extent of the problem.  That, and it may save you some tears and instruction time at home.  Also, a few of you have written a note to me on the homework letting me know that something was difficult or caused problems; this is great!  I may not be able to go over it the very next day but I do design some of my small groups around things like this.  If you give me a note, I will revisit it with your son or daughter.


Reading – The students are getting better about logging their reading into Bookopolis.  I know the struggle but please make sure they are doing the reading they report.  The way to become a better reader is to read, so I want to make sure this is happening.

Race for Education – Thank you to those who submitted addresses or who donated to the Race for Education. I know many in our school community are feeling tapped out by fundraisers so I do appreciate your participation.  The PTO raises money to fund Arts & Entertainment programs for each grade.  Last year in 4th grade, we had the “Wingmasters” bring in birds of prey for an awesome presentation and a “Mentor Inventor” come in to demonstrate his inventions and scientific concepts.  Race for Education is the largest fundraiser of the year and proceeds will directly fund these visits, among other school centered activities.  If you would still like to donate, the PTO and the teachers and students would be grateful!  Here is the online flier.  And here is where you can donate!


What else did I forget?  Email me with questions, comments, concerns…  Go Sox!

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Research Activity


Halloween (Ducksters)

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Math Today


Click on these and follow the directions on your record sheet.

Inches to Feet

Yards to Feet

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Home Link 1-12


If you need help with some of the vocabulary on Home Link 1-12, check out these!

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Home Link 1-11


Just a helpful reminder about the differences between lines, line segments, and rays: Geometry Notes

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What a crazy few weeks it has been!  Our class has been the brunt of the last few weeks learning routines and getting used to the structure of 4th grade. On top of that, we covered a full social studies unit (map skills review), jumped into science, established our reading schedule, and nearly completed 1 unit of math.  Here are a few updates and reminders…

Homework = By now, homework is in full swing!  Your child will complete a Math worksheet, read, and occasionally study their spelling words.  Your student should be logging what they read on their online reading log at Bookopolis, and completing their math facts at Math Facts Pro.  I would be grateful if you would check in with your son or daughter to make sure these are getting done.  Though they complete their spelling activities in class, they should still practice their words at home. (Last week’s spelling quiz was given back this morning and should’ve come home today.)

Party Funds – Because of the food allergies and restrictions in class, students are invited to bring in their own special treat for our class parties.  At each party, however, we’d like to have a craft and/or activity.  To help fund this cost, we are asking for a donation of $10 per family.  This will cover supplies for the 3 parties; any leftover will be put toward an end of year celebration.  Thanks for your help!

Math – We are wrapping up Unit 1 this week and are headed for an assessment on 10/10. Rather than spend a day reviewing, I am attempting to give the students a bit at a time to review.  Please see the Math Corner for more extensive information on the review and what your child should do to “study” for our first math assessment.

I do still have the names of all you lovely folks who volunteered to come into math class! Don’t think I have forgotten about you.  Believe it or not, we are still messing with schedules.  As soon as I can plan out the guided math days, I will be in touch!

Science – We are working on our Earth’s Changing Surface unit where we covere slow earth changes (weathering and erosion) and rapid earth changes (volcanoes and earthquake.) I bet you can guess what is more fun to teach and learn about ;). Ask your children to explain weathering, erosion, and deposition to you; they have “moves” and everything! Riveting stuff!

Social Studies – Our next unit, which we will begin this week, is The Peopling of The U.S.  It’s our immigration unit and a fascinating one for the students!  Sometime next week, they will be coming home to ask you what you know about your families immigration story.

Language Arts – Both our reading and writing units have kicked off.  We will be dissecting non fiction materials and writing them as well.  We will begin with nonfiction features and reading strategies but will move quickly to note taking  and developing a cohesive paragraph with topic sentence and supporting details.  Our Literacy blocks are structured so that every student has a schedule and items to complete within their Literacy blocks.  These activities can be: Meet with Ms. Poirier, Word Work, Work on Writing, Audio Station time, or meet with another reading teacher.  We have just begun these independent rotations and are working out the kinks to make the literacy time as efficient as we can!


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Reading Class 9/25


Get your headphones/earbuds and go to Storyline Online.

  1. Choose a book.  Listen to the whole book.
  2. Make a GREAT connection to the feelings or emotions of the character, an event that happens. Record on your record sheet.
  3. Choose another book and repeat the process.

When you are finished, you may work on Typing Club.

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