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December Update


It’s the most wonderful…and busiest time of year!  Here’s a few updates and happenings!

Holiday Celebration – Our holiday celebration is scheduled for the afternoon of Friday, Dec. 22.  By then, I have no doubt the pending break and holidays will have the students fully charged up!  If you have an idea for a craft or would like to come in an assist with one, I welcome the help!  Please email me if you are interested.  On that day, students will be invited to bring in a snack of their choice to enjoy during our celebration.

Day Playground – As I am sure you have seen, the playground committee has been extremely busy and is doing its best to motivate folks and raise the funds for the playground.  A few new fundraisers have been introduced in the last couple of weeks:

1. Buy a Brick! – Purchase an engraved brick to line the path to the new playground!  The purchase is tax deductible, a great way  to commemorate and event or person, and will get us so much closer to having a playground for our kids! Please see the Buy-A-Brick website for more details.

2.  The 99 – On December 19, from 5:00-10:00, enjoy dinner at The 99 in Westford! 15% of your bill will go towards the playground fund!  Be sure to bring the voucher to show your server when seated so Day receives the donation!

3. Basket Raffle – The committee has put together 8 beautiful and well-stocked baskets for an awesome raffle.  The raffle tickets can be ordered by sending in the order form that designates where you’d like your tickets to go.  Or, you can go to the 99 on 12/19 and see the baskets for yourself and order then!  Here are the pictures and descriptions of the lovely baskets and here is the order form!

Math Assessment – The kids will be taking the Unit 3 Math Assessment on Thursday.  Today, the students participated in a self directed reviewed.  They were able to choose the concepts they wanted to practice and teachers were available for additional help and coaching.  The students did a remarkable job i with making decisions that would best help them.  They are coming home with some of the paperwork they practiced with.  If they have unfinished ones they’d like to work on,  the pictures of the answer keys for them to be able to check their work are at the bottom of this post.

Social Studies – We have begun our unit on immigration and are having a great time delving into many contributions of  various cultures to make the United States a truly unique place.  Ask your students about the Irish immigration experience and what it was like for an immigrant to come through Ellis Island!  Today, they began a partner project on immigrants from an assigned country.  They will be creating posters to celebrate the experiences of their assigned group.  Feel free to tell them about your family and immigration experience you or your ancestors may have had!

Science – We are taking a break.  In order to concentrate on our Social Studies curriculum for a bit, we will be taking a break from the science curriculum.  We will return to science with our study of Energy after the winter break.

Literacy – We have begun our study of fiction in reading and in writing!  Starting off with the plot structure of a narrative, the students are concentrating on identifying the climactic point in text and in small animated shorts.  So far, it has been a whole lot of fun; I can see the engagement level rising! Also, the kids have been writing quick creative narratives inspired by different pictures I have been posting in class.  When they walk into the room for writing and beg me to post a picture to write about, something is working!!



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