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Study Habits & Social Skills


The Study Habits and Social Skills section of our report card can be very abstract for the students.  The language is really such that the habit or skill isn’t necessarily clear or a behavior of which they are aware.  As report cards come out this week, we spent a bit of time on Monday translating each of these Habits/Skills into easier language that makes sense within the workings our our class.  The attached document shows each of the report card qualifiers in bold.  Underneath, there is a bulleted list of statements to help students, and hopefully parents, determine what these Habits and Skills mean, in a practical sense.  As a class, we went over each and your student “scored” herself of himself on each qualifier.  The students were remarkably aware and incredibly honest in their reflective evaluation of their own habits and skills.  I was very impressed! On Friday, when the report cards are released, they will be taking home their self assessment.  This may serve as a great discussion point over that section of the report card.

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