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January Update


Hello Everyone!  Happy New Year to you all.  It has been a very strange month with sicknesses and snow days but we are starting to settle back into our routine…just in time for a 4 day weekend!  Here is an update of some of the happenings in 115:

Math – We are at the halfway point in out math curriculum!  We will test Unit 4 next week on Wednesday.  Please see the Math Corner for review information.  Before we move onto Unit 5, it will be time for the students to take the mid year exam.  We will spend a few days reviewing the 1st half of the year before the assessment is given.  It is not expected that students cram for this test at home.  While they will bring home review materials and a bit of support and practice is always welcome, we do not need to put undue pressure on any student!  This test will not be a factor in determining accelerated math.  Unit 5, which focuses largely on fractions, angles, and line plots.

Reading – Beginning the week of January 22, I will be introducing literature circles to the group.  Literature circles are a great shift in our reading curriculum.  While we will still be participating in guided groups, vocabulary, etc., we will be making room for literature circles which is a lot like participation in a book club.  Students will be reading awesome novels, with some choice in what they read, and engaging in rich discussion sessions about the books.  This will entail reading and written preparation at home.  We will thoroughly go over this in school, but a fair warning that the overall homework amount will be increasing slightly.

Writing – In conjunction with our study of fiction in reading, we are dissecting the format of a story from rising to falling action.  The kids have done an awesome job finding the climax of a story and figuring out the events that get the characters there.  With this knowledge, we have begun to plan out short stories that unveil a problem, build tension, and eventually find resolution.  As I had hoped all the students seem engaged and are itching to put their many ideas to the page!

Science – Today, we began our next science unit with a quick hit on discussing the scientific method.  We discussed the differences between a control and a variable and how to properly conduct a test.  We planned out an actual experiment and on Wednesday, will conduct our tests.  This quick hit on the scientific method will prepare the students for an energy unit, which I intend, will be heavy on running experiments. After our brief experiment, we begin our study on potential and kinetic energy.

Social Studies – Our next stop in our tour of the United States regions is the Southeast.  We learn about the Everglades, jazz and bluegrass music, the settlement of Jamestown, and the history of segregation.

Other – As you may have seen, the Day School is welcoming Lizz Van Saun of Kast hill Studio as our artist in residence during the week of Monday, Jan. 22 – Friday, Jan. 26.  With her guidance, the Day School will  create a community mosaic project with the help of the entire student body, faculty, staff, and parent volunteers. Thank you so much to those of you that have already signed up!  We will figure out how this works together! It does look like we have 1 more open slot on each of our scheduled times: Wed., 1/24 at 10:40 and Fri., 1/26 at 12:55. Click HERE if you’d like to volunteer for one!



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