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April Update


Happy Spring! Distance Learning Initiative – The 4th grader’s have received their Distance Learning information.  In our class, the students will be researching an animal of their choice!  I couldn’t believe the excitement around the class when I introduced this today; I expect great things with this enthusiasm!  All information found for this at-home project […]

Help! Partial Quotients


Last week, our math class began work on Unit 6, the 4th grade division unit.  During this unit, the students will learn how to break down increasingly large numbers using various division strategies.  We begin with extended facts and our knowledge of multiplication to solve division problems (Home Link Link 6.3). Later, the students will […]

One Book, One School


What a great way to start a week!  This morning, Mrs. Ford, Molly’s mom, was kind enough to come in and help us with our One Book, One School kick off!  Mrs. Ford showed up with a gift wrapped box for the class and after a little drum roll, revealed, The Adventures of a South […]

Literature Circle Announcement


The One Book, One School program kicked off today and there is a fair amount of reading expected at home.  Because I do not want to take away from the OBOS program and so as to not overwhelm the students, I will be moving the literature circle work, for this round, into our literacy blocks.  […]

Quick Update


Hi Everyone.  Just a few updates for today: Tomorrow is the Unit 5 math exam.  Students made choices as to where they felt they needed practice or guidance.  Many brought home choices they did not get to or finish in class.  The answers for each of these can be found in the Math Corner. Today […]

What a Week!


It has been an incredibly busy week in 115 and at the Day School!  Here are a few of the headlines: Mosaic Project – What a ball! I feel so fortunate that we were all involved in this awesome project.  Thank you so much to those parents that were able to come in and volunteer.  […]

January Update


Hello Everyone!  Happy New Year to you all.  It has been a very strange month with sicknesses and snow days but we are starting to settle back into our routine…just in time for a 4 day weekend!  Here is an update of some of the happenings in 115: Math – We are at the halfway […]



Today, we were having a great time using this interactive map to look at immigration trends in the United States over the last 100+ years.  Take a look!  Think about why folks are immigrating from their country at that time…or why they’re not.  Think about why they may have settled in a particular part of […]

Study Habits & Social Skills


The Study Habits and Social Skills section of our report card can be very abstract for the students.  The language is really such that the habit or skill isn’t necessarily clear or a behavior of which they are aware.  As report cards come out this week, we spent a bit of time on Monday translating […]

December Update


It’s the most wonderful…and busiest time of year!  Here’s a few updates and happenings! Holiday Celebration – Our holiday celebration is scheduled for the afternoon of Friday, Dec. 22.  By then, I have no doubt the pending break and holidays will have the students fully charged up!  If you have an idea for a craft […]

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