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Happy Summer!


What an  whirlwind end to the school year!  Today, I got a chance to meet my upcoming fourth grade class and my current students got to meet their 5th grade teachers.  My new 4th graders got to meet me in our classroom (one that will be brand new to me) and ask all the questions […]

Greek Plays


As we dissected Greek Plays this spring, we began planning and practicing to pull off a couple of mini Greek plays.  Below are our presentations of The Trojan Horse and Orpheus and Eurydice.  The blocking, props, and costumes are all the invention and creation of the actors.  I assisted with supplies and suggestions when asked […]

Animal Projects!


As a whole, our class did a fabulous job on the animal research assignment.  I am so impressed by the thorough research, the effort in writing, and the high quality level of the final products!  The students of 115 took this assignment very seriously and it shows!  For a look through our animal presentations, see […]

Just Another Day at the Zoo…


Perfect weather and well-behaved students made for an excellent zoo trip!  Everyone was all smiles, as you can see by the collection of pictures below!  Thank you to Mrs. Sawyer and Mrs. Cassidy for joining us for the day.  Now, time for a nap…

Summer Reading Program!


Today the kids were introduced to the “Libraries Rock!” summer reading program offered through the J.V. Fletcher Library, here in Westford.  The library program is a great way to get reluctant readers to read and avid readers to stay involved in a community of readers!  The library has great incentives and book lists to keep […]

Our Narratives!


Here is the book of narratives written by the students of 115! Give it a read! 115 Short Stories!

What. A. Day!


Not in 15 years of teaching have my students surprised me so much and brought me to genuine tears, as they did today.  I knew something was up (lots more whispering this week!) but I never imagined the lengths they would go to to make me feel so special on my birthday! 19 little folks […]

Field Day!


What a great day! As you will see by the pictures below, there were lots of smiles and scowls of concentration and determination.  Great teamwork and sportsmanship from all.  I bet many will sleep as well as I will!

May Update


MCAS – ELA MCAS is behind us!  Next week, we will have Math MCAS testing on Tuesday(5/8) and Friday (5/11) and then we will be done! Again, students are well prepared for this test.  In school, we try not to treat this day as much different than the others.  Making a big deal out of […]

April Update


Happy Spring! Distance Learning Initiative – The 4th grader’s have received their Distance Learning information.  In our class, the students will be researching an animal of their choice!  I couldn’t believe the excitement around the class when I introduced this today; I expect great things with this enthusiasm!  All information found for this at-home project […]

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