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Cooking Homemade Lava!

Here is the video we watched in class today!  What a cool experiment!

Earthquakes Today!

In class, we looked at earthquake and volcano activity happening around the world right now!  Here are the two websites we checked out as a group:

CSEM EMSC: Latest Earthquakes Worldwide

Earthquake Volcano Discovery

Ring of Fire Actvity – Class 11/8/17

Here is the filled out map for the Ring of Fire activity.

Here are the links needed for the Ring of Fire exploration being conducted in our science class today:


Wind Videos:

Today in class, we discussed all the ways that water (and in different forms) weather, erodes, and causes deposition. Here are a few videos we watched in class…and a few more interesting ones!



Activity 1

  1. For today’s lesson, please read the Duckster’s article, Earth Science for Kids: Erosion.  At the end of the article, in the activities section, take a ten question quiz by clicking on the work (link) “quiz.”
  2. If you accidentally click on the wrong thing, you may get to the quiz here.  At the end, click “done” to see your score. Do not click off of this page!
  3. Raise your hand and show your score to the substitute.

Activity 2

Go to the National Geographic Weathering and Erosion article.

  1. Click through each of the 10 pictures answering the questions on the sheet as you go.  Be sure to read the directions! And…be sure your answers are the absolute best you can make them!  You will (and should) need more time than today to complete these questions.

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